Bayswater Electric Central Heating & Boiler Services

If you are one of the many London property owners or developers who is not permitted to have gas central heating installed, or are looking for an energy efficient alternative to gas central heating and hot water for your home or rental property, take a look at the benefits electric central heating and boilers have to offer.

Selectric Heating are specialists in electric boiler and electric central heating installation. Bayswater wide we offer expert advice and guidance for those looking to use an electric system to provide the heating and hot water to their properties.

Electric Heating in Bayswater: The Benefits

Opting for electric heating means making a choice when it comes to electric boilers. Bayswater experts Selectric Heating can make the whole process straightforward by assessing your specific needs and making recommendations using their in-depth knowledge of the electric boiler brands on the market.

If you like the idea of combining an electric heating system with solar hot water so as to maximise savings and energy efficiency, or you would like to incorporate underfloor heating so that you can experience a truly modern home heating system that’s easy to control and healthy too, we’ll take this into consideration when making our recommendations.

Similarly, if saving space is on the agenda, or you want to have hot water on demand, we can make suggestions around that too. Whatever your wishes and requirements, our W2 electric boiler experts are on hand to meet them.

Thermaflow boilers in Bayswater can be used alongside solar energy with off-peak electricity for an environmentally friendly home heating system.  They can produce hot water on demand and offer a 99% efficiency rating.

Across London W2, Trianco Aztec boilers are favoured for their ability to monitor their own safety using a solid state management system. They offer a 99.8% efficiency rating.

For bijou homes in Bayswater, Electromax boilers are a popular choice as their slimline design means they fit nicely into domestic airing cupboards. A direct hot water system brings hot water on demand for power showers and fast filling baths. Electromax boilers are very reliable and operate silently.

And for the ultimate in safety and control, Elnur electric combi boilers are recommended by Selectric Heating. The CMX range is highly popular with our landlord and housing provider clients as these particular electric boilers don’t need annual maintenance or safety inspections.

Electric Heating: SW1 Specialists at Your Service

Selectric Heating are known throughout London for their dedication to providing the very best quality service. We are specialists in electric heating systems and electric boilers. W2 wide, our trained engineers offer electric central heating installation, servicing and electric boiler repair.

Contact us today for all your Bayswater electric boiler and central heating system requirements. We offer a FREE no obligation written estimate and advice and guidance from W2 electric heating experts.

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