The Benefits of Electric Central Heating

Not all homes have gas and there are many that can’t have gas installed at all.  Some new property developments in London for instance can’t have gas as the space that the buildings are in is too enclosed or the flue system is not adequate. 

So what is the best way to heat a home and have a constant supply of hot water if you can’t have gas central heating fitted?

Powered by Electricity

Electric central heating is the answer. Electric heating runs from the mains electricity with electric radiators that can be controlled individually throughout the house and hot water that is powered from an efficient and economic electric boiler. 

There are a number of choices of good energy efficient electric boilers available.  The Electromax boiler and Thermaflow boiler are compact, quiet boilers with a high efficiency rates of 99% plus.  Another good option is a wall mounted electric combination boiler.

Here at Selectric Heating our electric heating experts will advise you on the best electric boiler for your home and will fit it too. All the electricians who work for us wiring and fitting electric boilers are fully accredited and registered. All work is certified on completion.     

Electric central heating is not just for homes without access to gas either.  Many people are opting for electric central heating as it’s a safer way of heating your home with no risk from gas leaks or carbon monoxide.  You can choose to have either heating, hot water or both. It’s easy to fit and maintain and you can even make use of cheap electricity tariffs.  

If you’re thinking of making the switch to electric central heating, get in touch with Selectric Heating for expert, friendly advice.

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