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You can buy anything you like online these days. However abstract the thing you are looking for, guaranteed you’ll be able to find it, somewhere. It makes you wonder doesn’t it, what we used to do without the internet?

I remember years ago if you wanted to buy a spare part for something you had to write a letter to the manufacturer. Then they’d write back – well usually – telling you whether they still stocked it and if so, how much it cost. Then you wrote out a cheque or got a Postal Order from the Post Office (lost you now, haven’t I?!), sent it off and within say 6 or 8 weeks, you’d get a little package through the door containing your long awaited spare part.

Business as Usual, Any Time of Year

So, aren’t we lucky these days? Well most of the time. Apart from Black Friday or Cyber Monday or the like when the internet goes into meltdown and you have to get in a queue just to get on a website. Although that’s mostly about iPads, fridge freezers and games consoles isn’t it? Not electric boilers. Well not that I know of, as it was business as usual here at Selectric right through the silly season.

We don't do internet meltdown or online queues in our online electric boiler shop.

We don’t do internet meltdown or online queues in our online electric boiler shop.

So what I was saying about being able to buy anything you like online these days: electric boilers is one of those things. So if you are in the market for an electric boiler, you might like to take a look at our online shop. You can buy electric boilers online for delivery anywhere in the UK within 4-5 working days.

Need an electric boiler? Visit our shop: any day of the year. We don’t do queues!

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