Central Heating: The Future is Definitely Looking Electric

Why is it people think electric heating is old-fashioned? There’s a simple answer to that, which is that it is the norm for people to think that electric heating means storage heaters.

Storage heaters reached their height of popularity and were at the pinnacle of production in the 1970s. However, they soon fell out of favour when it was realised that you had to predict whether to switch them on the night before, and then deal with a wrong choice for the whole of the next day.

Unfortunately for electric heating in general, the demise in popularity of the storage heater had a knock-on effect in general for this type of heating. The thing is, we are talking several decades ago. The electric heating systems of today are extremely far removed from what was in place before. We can all appreciate the rate at which technology evolves, and electric heating is no exception in this respect.

The future of heating is electric.

The future of heating is electric.

Now we are lucky enough to have cutting edge electric heating systems that are genuine rivals for other forms of heating such as gas.

The main benefit is that electricity is a form of energy rather than a type of expendable fuel. Modern electric heating systems are energy efficient, and act to save money in various ways. What’s more, they offer numerous further benefits such as safety, easy installation and maintenance and cost effectiveness.

If you are thinking about an alternative to gas central heating for your new development or refurbishment, or are simply considering a switch from gas or oil, think electric. For a no-obligation quotation and further information, please get in touch.

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