Churchill Imstor Electric Boilers

We often come across these electric boilers in apartments throughout London. Unfortunately the company that made these boilers, Churchill Heating Systems ceased trading in 2008 so the boilers are no longer available, we can however still manage to source some parts i.e. heating elements, pumps and some of the switches, but by and large the majority of spares for the Churchill Imstor boiler are now obsolete. Some companies make claims of being the official repairs department of this now defunct boiler, but as they have to travel half way around the country in their ‘official repairs status’ expect to pay a high premium for the privilege and at best expect no more than a temporary repair on a boiler that is no longer manufactured.

These boilers operated as thermal storage units, so heated up using an off peak cheap rate tariff such as economy 7 or 10. The Churchill Imstor electric thermal storage boiler, was and is if still working correctly, generally a good electric boiler offering the user plenty of hot water for up to 2 bathrooms and several radiators without having to use the boost facility on the off peak time clock. But when things start going wrong its usually a sign that its the beginning of the end for this inefficient electric boiler.

So if you live in London or the surrounding areas and are having problems with the Churchill electric boiler give Selectric Heating a call on 0800 0142775 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a free unbiased opinion. We do offer different options and at various costs replacement electric boilers for the Churchill Imstor boiler.

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