Digital Showers – Welcome to Modern Technology in the Bathroom

With their ability to deliver a constant temperature for the duration of your shower, digital showers are becoming increasingly popular choices in bathroom installation.  However, temperature controllability isn’t their only benefit; here are just a few more reasons why a digital shower could be the shower of choice for you.

Digitally controlled temperature…

As the name suggests, digital showers are controlled digitally which means that the temperature is mapped and therefore remains constant throughout the duration of the shower. No more hot or cold bursts when someone turns the kitchen tap on!  Most digital showers also offer a ‘warm up’ mode, meaning that you can step into the shower at the perfect temperature – and not a minute before!

….and digitally controlled flow!

The flow of the water can also be controlled digitally, either using a pre-programmable flow setting or the adjustable ‘easy-flow’, used to control the flow once in the shower.  With high, medium and low flow settings, there’s a flow to suit every member of the family!


Many digital showers can be set with a maximum duration of shower length, thus making them a very eco-friendly option – and a wallet friendly option too, helping you to save on both water and electricity.

Remote control showering!

Although not normally associated with a shower, some digital showers even come with a remote control.  Fancy switching on your en suite shower from your bedroom?  Well, you can do exactly that with a digital shower!

Easy installation

All of this, and digital showers couldn’t be easier for a professional to install either. Compatible with a variety of electric boilers, an ‘exposed’ digital shower (whereby the pipes are cleverly concealed in the shower riser) can be installed in as little as two hours.  Similarly, a ‘concealed’ digital shower – where just the controls and shower head are visible – is also a very simple installation, making them a brilliant option in bathroom design.

For more information on digitally controlled showers and for a free written estimate, contact us.

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