Electric Boiler Brands

Whatever your home heating and hot water needs, there will be an electric boiler to suit them. Here is a summary of some of the best brands of electric boiler and their various benefits.

Thermaflow Boilers

Environmentally friendly and highly efficient, a Thermaflow boiler can offer considerable savings on running costs and energy use. The range of electric combination boilers offered by Thermaflow have a 99% efficiency rating, with a solar option available, and are able to harvest both off-peak electricity and solar energy which not only aids the environment but also helps to cut energy bills. Not only that, but the Thermaflow boiler range also offers a rapid response when it comes to heating both your home and your hot water; with a Thermaflow boiler in place, hot water reaches your taps within 5–10 seconds, and radiators reach maximum temperature within three minutes. 

Trianco Aztec Boilers

The wall mounted central heating system provided by a Trianco Aztec boiler automatically monitors its own safety and running functions using a solid state management system. Trianco Aztec boilers are ideal for situations where gas or oil are not available. There are five outputs ranging from 2kW to 12kW. They are virtually maintenance free, contain individual stainless steel elements, do not require a flue or a fuel supply tank and what’s more, Trianco Aztec boilers are 99.8% efficient and are compatible with solar power too.

Electromax Boilers

The compact size of an Electromax boiler means that it will fit into a standard domestic airing cupboard and is therefore ideal for a range of properties.  The 180 litre unvented high quality Duplex stainless still direct hot water system allows the Electromax to deliver powerful mains pressure showering and fast filling baths, while the 6kW or 9kW Amptec electric flow boiler supplies the central heating. Electromax boilers come with a wide range of beneficial features, such as a programmable room thermostat to take advantage of a wide range of off-peak tariffs, solid state technology for a long life, minimal service and maintenance costs and being silent in operation. 

We also install and repair Elnur and Heatrae Sadia electric boilers. For information on an electric boiler installation in London, or for a London electric boiler repair, contact us.

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