Electric Boiler FAQs

If you’re thinking about switching to an electric boiler and central heating system, you probably have a number of questions. In this post we will answer some of the most common.

Do electric boilers emit carbon dioxide and need a flue?

No. Electric boilers do not emit any toxic gases and don’t need any flue or chimney like gas or biomass boilers. This means you can locate them anywhere, and you don’t need an annual safety check.

Electric boilers are carbon monoxide free.

Electric boilers are carbon monoxide free.

Is it necessary to have an electric boiler serviced and safety checked?

An annual safety check is not required for electric boilers. Servicing isn’t really necessary either as there are virtually no moving parts, although if you want total peace of mind you can arrange an annual service just to check everything is in full working order.

Are electric boilers noisy in operation?

Electric boilers are silent in operation and do not emit the ‘hum’ that gas boilers are known for. You can therefore site an electric boiler anywhere that suits, for example if it is convenient to site it in the bedroom or living room, it will not bother you.

Lots of questions about electric boilers? Give us a call!

Lots of questions about electric boilers? Give us a call!

Do electric boilers cost more than gas to run?

Through the use of peak avoidance tariffs you can enjoy low running costs. There is a high efficiency rate of 99% plus. There is no need for a booster pump on power showers, so there’s another energy saving benefit.

Do electric boilers take up a lot of space?

No. Electric boilers are compact in size. There is no need for flues, storage tanks or separate hot water storage.

Where can I find out more about electric central heating radiators?

You can read more in our dedicated post on electric central heating radiators FAQs. You can also get in touch with Selectric Heating!

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