Electric Boiler Installation Covent Garden WC2

Do you live in an area where gas is not an option? Do you know about the benefits of electric heating? Covent Garden residents enjoy electric systems that run directly from the mains, providing heat and hot water through electric boilers. WC2 based experts Selectric Heating have helped many homeowners make the switch to electric.

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Would you like to make the switch from gas to electric for your home in WC2? Electric boiler installation is the answer. We offer a choice of services including installation and electric boiler repair which Covent Garden clients rate highly. First our experts will look at your personal heating and hot water requirements before advising which electric boiler is right for you. There are many to choose from:

Throughout Covent Garden, Thermaflow boilers are proving to be a popular choice with environmentally aware homeowners as they can be used with solar energy. These boilers offer great value for money in the long run too as they can take advantage of off- peak electricity tariffs in WC2. Thermaflow boilers have proved cheaper than gas systems for many of our clients.

Do you live in a gas free area in WC2? Trianco Aztec boilers are the heating choice for you. This boiler requires no flues or fuel tank supplies to produce heat and hot water in homes in Covent Garden. Trianco Aztec boilers are solar energy compatible too and small enough to be wall-mounted.

Finally, Electromax boilers. WC2 based owners of flats or smaller houses opt for these boilers as they can be installed into a small space such as an airing cupboard. These boilers are one of our most popular choices in Covent Garden. Electromax boilers have a direct hot water system for running power showers or for instant filling hot baths.

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