Electric Boiler Installation Finsbury Park

Many properties in London cannot have gas central heating installed and many homeowners opt for electric heating systems and electric boilers as energy-efficient gas alternatives. If you are considering installing an electric boiler in Finsbury Park, Selectric Heating are here to help you make the switch to a more effective home heating and hot water system a straightforward one.

Electric Heating in Finsbury Park: Many Advantages

If you’ve decided to switch to electric heating, Finsbury Park property owners have a choice of electric boilers that are highly recommended. The experts at Selectric Heating are specialists in electric boilers and can advise you on the best option to suit your needs. So whether you are looking to incorporate solar hot water or underfloor heating, want to save space or get plenty of hot water on demand, we can help you achieve just what you wish.

In London N4, Thermaflow boilers offer householders the opportunity to use solar energy alongside off-peak electricity for an eco-friendly way to heat their homes. Thermaflow boilers can to produce hot water on demand and offer a 99% efficiency rating which is why they come highly recommended by Selectric Heating.

Also in Finsbury Park, Trianco Aztec boilers are perfect for properties where gas is not possible, because no flues or fuel tanks are needed. They are also capable of monitoring their own safety via a solid state management system, and they offer a 99.8% efficiency rating.

Electromax boilers are popular for smaller properties in Finsbury Park thanks to being able to fit into domestic airing cupboards. Power showers are served by a direct hot water system which can provide hot water on demand, also great for fast-filling baths. Operations are extremely reliable and free from noise.

So, many reasons to install electric boilers in Finsbury Park!

Electric Heating: N4 Experts are Ready to Take Your Call

Selectric Heating has been trusted throughout London for several years and are specialists in electric heating systems and electric boilers. Finsbury Park wide, our trained and qualified engineers are ready to help with installation, servicing and electric boiler repair. We offer a swift response for any urgent issues and thanks to our expertise, never need to spend longer than necessary on any project which means costs are kept to a minimum.

Contact us today for all your Finsbury Park electric boiler and central heating system needs. A FREE no obligation written estimate is offered together with ample advice and guidance.

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