Electric Boiler Installation Westminster

If you’re looking for a central heating system which is energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective, why not switch to electric? Throughout Westminster, electric boilers have grown increasingly popular and Selectric Heating has been helping households make the switch to electric heating with top quality advice and services.

If you live in an area where gas isn’t readily available, or you want to make the switch to a better heating system for your home, contact us today.

Quality Electric Heating Systems, Westminster Wide

When searching available Westminster electric boilers, you will find several models to suit your needs. Electric boilers can harness solar energy, produce hot water on demand and fit neatly within small spaces. Here are the most popular types:

Across Westminster, Thermaflow boilers can use solar energy as well as off-peak electricity to produce an environmentally-friendly form of home energy. They’re also much cheaper to run than gas boilers and can produce large amounts of hot water on demand.

Trianco Aztec boilers, Westminster wide, are ideal for properties which cannot access gas or oil supplies as they require no flues or fuel tanks to run. A compact boiler, the Trianco Aztec is able to be wall-mounted, as well as being compatible with solar energy.

In Westminster, Electromax boilers are great for smaller households as they can fit easily into airing cupboards and tight spaces. While being small, the Electromax is very powerful, easily producing enough hot water for power showers and fast-filling baths whenever needed. When looking for an electric boiler installation, Westminster homeowners opt for Electromax’s reliable, noise-free running operations.

Westminster Electric Heating Experts

Offering top quality electric boiler repair, Westminster homeowners have long trusted Selectric Heating for excellent service. Our qualified and fully-trained engineers have a wealth of knowledge about many different electrical systems and are happy to advise you today. 

Electric boiler servicing, Westminster wide, is available today from Selectric Heating. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation written estimate and we’ll be happy to help.

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