Electric Boiler Repairs

The great thing about electric boilers is that they don’t need too much maintenance and that they are less likely to suffer a fault than a gas boiler.

However, from time to time you may find yourself in need of an electric boiler repair. It might be your hot water has stopped coming through, or your radiators aren’t warming up properly. The good news is that most electric boiler breakdowns are fairly easy to resolve.

They do however call for specialist expertise and you need to make sure you call someone out with experience in electric central heating faults rather than just a general electrician. Engineers like this will also be able to resolve any connected issues you may have with your solar hot water or underfloor heating.

Selectric Heating offers boiler repairs London wide.

Selectric Heating offers boiler repairs London wide.

Fixing Electric Boilers in London

At Selectric Heating we offer an electric boiler repair service right across London. We can fix problems with all makes including Thermaflow, Heatrae Sadia, Elnur, Aztec, Churchhill Imstor, Gledhill Pulsacoil and Megaflo. We aim to rectify all faults on the spot and carry an extensive selection of parts on our vans so there’s no delay whilst any spares are ordered in. If you need an electric boiler repair call us on 0800 0142775.

Boiler Breakdown Cover

If you’d like to insure yourself against electric boiler breakdowns then take a look at our boiler breakdown cover. From just £15.99 per month you can buy yourself peace of mind that if your electric boiler should stop working or develop a fault, you’ll be covered with a free callout within 24 hours as well as an annual service. There’s also a free telephone fault finding service. If you live in London and your boiler is under 7 years of age, you’ll qualify for the cover.

Electric boiler breakdown cover

Call 0800 0142775 to get yourself covered for electric boiler breakdowns & get an annual service included.

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