Electric Boilers

Across London, electric heating and hot water systems are becoming more popular in houses, studio flats and apartments as an alternative to gas.

In newer properties in London, electric boilers are often installed as part of the building construction. If you are unable to have a gas heating system installed, or you’re simply thinking of switching to a more efficient system, contact Selectric Heating.

Providing electric boiler installation London-wide, we are an established, reliable and ethical company and all electrical installations are carried out by qualified accredited electricians.

London Electric Boiler Installation: The Benefits

Electric heating systems run from mains electricity, heating the property using radiators which are plugged in via a 13amp socket. We install all the main brands of electric boilers, including:

  • Thermaflow boilers. London wide, Thermaflow boilers have been providing homeowners with energy-efficient heating systems for their homes. Their range of boilers have a fuel efficiency rating of 99%, and are able to harvest off-peak electricity as well as solar energy. They are also able to provide hot water instantly, within 5–10 seconds every time. Selectric Heating Ltd are approved Thermaflow heating installers in the South East of the UK. We also install and repair the Thermaflow air source heat pumps and solar thermal panels.
  • If you are not able to access gas or oil at your property in London, Trianco Aztec boilers could provide you with a useful solution. These boilers don’t require a flue or fuel supply tank, and carry a 99.8% efficiency rating. They are also self-managing, monitoring their own safety using a solid state management system. Trianco Aztec boilers can also harness solar energy.
  • If you own a small apartment in London, Electromax boilers are neat, compact and fit easily into a small space. An unvented Duplex direct hot water system makes for fast-filling baths and powerful showers, and a programmable room thermostat creates an easy way to take advantage of off-peak tariffs. An Electromax boiler is nearly silent in operation, and utilises solid state technology for a long life.

Expert Electric Boiler Installation London Wide

We offer expert electric boiler installation services in London, directly for home and apartment owners and also for property developers and housing providers.

From one apartment to an entire development, we provide the same reliable, fully qualified and accredited service. Contact us for a free, no obligation written estimate or a consultation.

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