Electric Boilers & Central Heating: FAQs

Here are some of the questions we’re asked on a regular basis about electric boilers and electric central heating.

The phrase Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric central heating system run off an electric boiler the same as storage heaters?

No. Electric central heating is a direct acting heating system which means it’s fully controllable and gives you heat on demand, just like gas central heating does. So there’s no pre-heating of stones or hot water cylinders required which saves energy and money and takes the guesswork out of heating your home.

Are there different makes of electric boiler?

Yes there are a number of brands. Each has its own advantages so it’s worth doing your homework on what will be most suitable for you. Some of the brands we recommend are Thermaflow, Trianco Aztec and Electromax.

Do electric boilers need an annual safety inspection?

No they don’t which is why landlords are queuing up to get them installed. You might benefit from an annual service, and you get one of these free with the Selectric electric boiler cover plan, but there’s no legal requirement for any safety inspections. As long as you have the boiler installed by an NICIEC accredited electrician, you’re covered under the Building Regulations.


Are electric boilers energy efficient?

Yes. Most makes have a fuel efficiency rating of around 99% and some can harvest off-peak energy and solar energy as well. So they are going to save you money compared to storage heaters and older style gas boilers, and will be comparable in running costs to modern gas boilers – and safer and more flexible too.

Can you get hot water when you want it with an electric boiler?

Yes you can, with some makes in 5-10 seconds you’ve got hot water as you need it. Electromax boilers for example have a direct hot water system and give you fast filling baths and nice powerful showers on demand.

Where can you locate an electric boiler?

Pretty much anywhere. They are compact in size so take up very little space, and are also really quiet so they’re not going to bother you or keep you awake at night. And of course there’s no danger of carbon monoxide emissions and no need for a flue on an outside wall, so wherever you want to put an electric boiler it’s up to you.

If you’re interested in an electric boiler or heating system get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation quotation.

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