Electric Boilers – Good for the Environment and Safe for You!

Electric boilers rely on the electricity from the mains supply to heat elements of the boiler. The water is heated as it passes over the elements and the water is then pumped out to wherever it is needed. Gas boilers on the other hand rely on burning gas to create heat and it’s the burning of fossil fuels that is a lot less environmentally friendly.

As well as not relying on the burning of fossil fuels, electric boilers are a popular choice because they are about 99% efficient. All the heat generated with electric boilers is used whereas gas is a lot less efficient because the heat often escapes into the atmosphere: again another environmental factor.

Carbon Monoxide concept.

As electric boilers don’t burn fossil fuels, they are considered to be a very safe option. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or of gas explosions. Additionally, because there are no radiators, there is no chance of a leak or burst radiator causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. The safety aspect is often a strong reason for landlords and property owners alike to choose electric boilers.

Electric boilers are efficient and environmentally friendly. Because they don’t burn fossil fuels, they are often seen as a safer option too. To find out more and for a free no obligation estimate, get in touch.

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