Electric Central Heating

Not all homes have, or can have, gas installed. Some new property developments in London are banned from installing gas as the buildings are in enclosed spaces or are located near to council buildings where flues are not permitted. 

If you live in a home without a gas supply, are developing or letting gas-free properties, or you’re thinking of switching to an affordable, efficient new heating system in London, electric central heating could be the choice for you and at Selectric Heating, we will provide all the specialist and advice you need to choose the right system for your home.

What is electric central heating?

Electric central heating is a central heating and hot water system that runs from the mains electricity. Homes are heated using electric radiators that are plugged into the mains via a 13amp socket. They are operated individually offering maximum control and hot water is generated from a quiet, economic electric boiler.

Now incredibly popular across London, electric central heating is ideal for under floor heating and under tile heating and works hand in hand with solar hot water systems.

Which electric boiler is right for you?

Electric central heating is powered by an energy efficient electric boiler. There are a number of electric boilers available to suit most needs.  We can advise you on the best electric boiler for your London home. So whether you opt for an Electromax or Thermaflow boiler that will fit into a domestic airing cupboard, or a wall mounted electric combination boiler, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the one that will give you maximum heat efficiency for your family’s specific needs.

For further peace of mind, all electric radiators and electric boilers supplied and fitted by Selectric Heating will be wired in by our qualified, accredited registered electricians.

Free Written Estimates on all Electric Central Heating Installations

If you are considering electric central heating for your London home, contact us. We offer a free, no obligation written estimate and will provide you with expert advice on the right electric central heating system for your needs.

Why Electric Central Heating?

  • Runs on economical electric tariffs
  • Provides just central heating or heating & hot water
  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • Safer – no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks
  • No flue required
  • Cost-effective alternative to storage heaters, LPG systems and oil and solid fuel heaters
  • High efficiency rating of 99% plus

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