Electric Combination Boilers

Across London, electric combination boilers are becoming the choice of numerous homeowners, and for good reason: the benefits are many.

Because electric combination boiler installations do not need venting or gas flues, they will not affect a home’s insulation. Another major benefit is that they do not need annual maintenance or safety inspections, making an electric combi boiler ideal for London landlords and housing providers.

Elnur Electric Combi Boilers – the Favoured Choice of Selectric Heating

At Selectric Heating in London, Elnur electric central heating combi boilers are one of our favoured brands. The Elnur CMX15 model has a 2-15Kw output and the Elnur CMX18 offers 3-18Kw. Both are designed for central heating and domestic hot water and offer convenience combined with total reliability and safety thanks to digital modulation and consumption, temperature and flow sensors.

Elnur electric combi boilers have stainless steel cylinders. This translates as a corrosion-free, long life and is the reason that no annual maintenance is required.

The Many Benefits of Electronic Combination Boilers

In the home, you will enjoy complete silence with an Elnur electronic combination boiler. Maximum power output can be limited and the digital display constantly shows the temperature of the water that’s circulating and in the hot water tank.

In the summer, the heating system can be disconnected from the electric combi boiler and keypads locked to prevent any changes. The circulation pump is electronically controlled, so during prolonged inactivity blockages won’t become an issue.

Here at Selectric Heating we install Elnur combi electric boilers because of their flexibility and of course, all of the already mentioned benefits. Some models, including the CMX range, can be used with under floor heating and hot water radiators and programmable thermostats can also be fitted for maximum control.

Electric Combination Boilers: London Installations

Interested in taking advantage of the many benefits offered by an electric combi boiler? London experts Selectric Heating are at your service for installations in privately owned apartments and homes as well as for property developers and housing providers. Our service is reliable, qualified and accredited. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation written estimate or consultation, or to find out more about the benefits of electronic combination boilers.

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