Electric Heating Running Costs

Many customers want to know how much will their electric bills be with with an electric boiler or electric central heating system. To be honest no one can give you an exact answer as there are to many factors to take into account, firstly everyone uses their heating differently, some people have the heating on first thing in the morning for 2 hours and 4 hours in the evening, some have it on all day and some people just put it on when their cold. Some people will set the room thermostat to 20° others will set the thermostat to 23° and others to 19° everyone is different. How good your home is insulated will also have a profound effect on your heat losses and this will effect how long your heating is on for.

As a rough guide to the running costs the easiest way to explain is to use an example of a 9 kilowatt central heating boiler and EDF’s standard tariff rate of 14.36 pence per kilowatt hour, for 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the the evening 9 kw x  0.1436 pence x 6 hours = £7.75 per day. However once the hot water and room thermostats have reached temperature the boiler will switch itself off, so the actual running cost will be a lot lower than £7.75 it will only be near this figure if the boiler is constantly running without switching off.

When Selectric Heating Ltd quote for either an electric boiler or an electric heating central heating system we will advise all customers to switch to off peak electric meters, such as economy 10, economy which are offered to customers by some electric suppliers in the UK. By changing to an off peak meter will reduce annual running costs if you use the electric boiler in the allocated off peak hours. As an example economy 10 off peak tariff gives you 10 hours of cheap rate electric, 2 hours in the morning 3 hours in the afternoon and 5 hours during the night. You could heat your home with the 2 and 3 hour off peak periods and then heat your hot water at night with the 5 hour off peak slot. If you have economy 7 installed we recommend that you have a thermal storage unit installed such as the Thermaflow electric boiler as this heats up during the night and provides heating and hot water throughout the following day.

As I said at the beginning, there are far to many factors to give exact running costs every home is different, just as our are customers heating and hot water requirements are different, but if you need some advice or guidance in choosing the right electric heating system then get in touch for free impartial advice.

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