Electric Heating set to Overtake Gas Within Ten Years

Industry groups are predicting that electric heating will become more popular than gas heating within ten years.

The prediction, as yet unconfirmed, was reported in an article in H&V News after a member of the Association of Registered Gas Installers commented that residential landlords were more and more replacing gas boilers with electric alternatives and numerous developers were shunning gas and stipulating electric heating at planning stage.

A Home Builders Federation spokesperson had confirmed that electric had become the leading energy source for new build apartments, more than likely due to construction practice with electric heating proving more straightforward to install than gas systems.

Landlords Not Returning to Gas

The article quoted Giuliano Digilio, head of technical services at the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), as saying, “Many landlords are not returning to gas for various reasons and I’ve been predicting this would happen for years.

Traditionally, gas was regarded as cheaper than electricity and so almost everybody installed gas central heating systems; very few people relied on electric heating. That has been changing over the past 20 years or so as the cost of electricity came down.” 

Electric overtaking gas as energy source of choice

Electric overtaking gas as energy source of choice

Electric: A More Secure Energy Supply

Mr Digilio also commented that worries about energy security made electric heating an attractive proposition to developers. Energy industry commentators are suggesting that diminishing North Sea gas production will call for the UK to turn to imports – 40% by the end of 2014 and 75% by 2015 – and this could well lead to a dependency on unreliable programmes. Electric will counteract this dependency and provide a more secure supply.

If you are a property developer following the trend for electric heating, get in touch. We work closely with developers all over the capital and surrounding areas as trusted electric heating installation partners.

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