Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes without a gas supply, or homes where an efficient and affordable way of heating water is required.

Safe and easy to have installed, electric hot water is an excellent alternative to gas, so it’s easy to see why more and more people are switching to electric hot water.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Hot Water Heater?

With an electric hot water heater there are no worries of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks, and electric hot water heating systems can be installed in confined spaces where space is of a premium. And best of all, electric hot water systems give you hot water on demand, perfect for today’s hectic lifestyle.

In Summary:

  • Safer – no risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks
  • Runs on economical electrical tariffs
  • High efficiency rating of 99% plus
  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • Long lifespan as fewer moving parts
  • Space saving
  • Cost effective alternative to gas heaters

An electric hot water heater will also have less moving parts, therefore meaning a longer lifespan than a gas heater, and as the immersion is in direct contact with the water, there is less energy loss than you’d find with pipework and circulating pumps. 

If these aspects appeal to you, then it’s worth considering electric hot water heating. Remember it’s important to use a qualified and experienced electric heating specialist when choosing and installing electric hot water systems. London based Selectric Heating has many years of experience, are fully qualified and use NICEIC accredited electricians for all electrical installations.

Free Written Quote on London Electric Hot Water Heater Installations

For a free, no obligation written estimate for the installation of electric hot water heating in your London home, get in touch. We’ll provide you with friendly, expert advice on how electric hot water can work for you. We also offer electric water heater repairs London wide.

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