Electricity a Viable Energy Source for Heating says Industry Expert

Head of technical services at the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), Giuliano Digilio, has said that electricity should now be considered a viable alternative energy source for heating.

Talking in an interview in H&V News, Mr Digilio said that higher stringency Building Regulations and new energy efficiency standards have meant that energy requirements of buildings have witnessed a fall. He said, “In the past, commercial and domestic buildings used to leak [energy] like a sieve and heat was lost at a substantial rate.”

These days though, he said, new builds and refurbs need to comply with higher standards of double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation which means the amount of energy required to heat the average home has dropped, and so electric has become a viable alternative to gas.

Electricity is now considered a viable energy source for heating homes.

Electricity is now considered a viable energy source for heating homes.

Electric Heating Equals Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs

Mr Digilio also said he agreed with claims that electric heating installations would overtake gas during the next decade. His words were: “Developers are increasingly specifying that new apartments should have electrical heating systems because of lower installation and lower ongoing maintenance costs. Electric heating systems are also slightly cheaper.”

Big Revolution on the Cards

Bob Towse is head of technical and safety at the Building & Engineering Services Association. He is of the opinion that larger properties are likely to continue to favour gas central heating whereas smaller abodes such as apartments and flats will be making the switch to electric heating in the near future and said that moving closer to a zero carbon economy will result in the Government pushing private and local authority development contractors in the direction of electric heating.

He said, “There is going to be a big revolution in the heating market over the next 10 or so years and a shift away from gas to electricity and green energy has implications for industry.”

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