Five Reasons to Switch to an Electric Boiler

If your property has always had a gas or oil boiler, you might not consider replacing it with an electric boiler when the time comes.  But this would be a mistake; here are just a five of the best reasons for considering an electric boiler:

1. Increased efficiency

As an electric boiler does not require a flue to release a waste product, as a gas or oil boiler does, useful heat is not given the chance to escape the property.  They also have an onboard microchip and control system which regulates the water temperature and provides power modulation. Therefore, an electricity boiler runs at around 99% efficiency.

2. Quiet operating system

Electric boilers are renowned for their quiet operation.  This is due to the fact that they do not have many moving elements as gas boiler would have; electric boilers are great therefore for small or open-plan properties.

3. Easy to Maintain

Electric boilers are considered to be like any other electric appliance within the home, and therefore do not need regular servicing and the need for electric boiler repairs is usually minimal.  As they have very few moving parts, they do not need to be fixed very often, and when they do, the parts will be easy for a trained electric heating engineer to source and fit.

4. Space efficient

Electric boilers are perfect for homes where space is at a premium.  As they do not require a flue, electric boilers are space efficient, and there is also more flexibility as to where they can be installed.

5. Safe operation

Electric boilers do not burn a solid fuel, and therefore do not give off harmful gasses, such as carbon monoxide, making them safer to operate than a gas or oil boiler.

And electric boilers could be greener, too!

There’s still some debate on the subject, but it’s thought that electric boilers are kinder to the environment, as they do not burn fossil fuels.  They can also be linked to green generation sources, such as solar panels.  Another reason to switch to an electric boiler!

For more information on electric central heating and electric boilers, contact us. We offer a free written estimate without obligation as well as friendly, helpful advice.

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