From Storage Heaters to Electric Central Heating in a few Simple Steps

There’s no denying that storage heaters have their downsides. In winter they churn out heat during the day when you’re not in and leave you shivering under a blanket of an evening. In spring or autumn they leave you guessing what the weather’s going to be like the next day. Get it wrong and you’re either too hot, or back under that winter blanket. The only time they’re really any good is in the summer when you don’t need to use them at all.

So, what’s the alternative when gas isn’t an option? Electric central heating. It offers full controllability of household heat and YOU decide when to switch it on and off. Plus you get hot water on demand rather than from a limited tank supply.

Switch to electric central heating

If you feel the time is right to change from electric storage heaters to a more controllable heating system, think electric central heating.

Quick Switch

An electric boiler is needed to power the heating system and hot water. All we need to do is take out your water tank and fit the boiler in the same place. Then we take out the storage heaters around the home and fit electric radiators using the existing wiring. Once that’s all done we’ll change the supply to the fuseboard so it receives standard tariff electricity rather than Economy 7. It really is as simple as that.

The job takes less than a day and the result is a heating system you have full control over. And you can put those blankets away in the airing cupboard!

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