Gledhill Pulsacoil Electric Boilers

You’ll either love them or hate them, if they have been installed and maintained correctly the chances are, if you have one it will be working fine. Poor maintenance over the years tends to shorten the lifespan of these domestic hot water thermal storage boilers. For an example if you were to have a new heating element fitted, you should also have new inhibitor chemicals added when the boiler is refilled with fresh water as this will prevent corrosion and help prevent the Pulsacoil ¬†from leaking in the future.

Older models such as the Pulsacoil A class and the Pulsacoil 2000 operated with the use of inbuilt printed circuit boards, pumps, plate heat exchangers and various sensors, which over time were prone to failure. Other models such as the BoilerMate and SystemMate work in conjunction with the households domestic boiler. The main downside point of having any of these types of Pulsacoil is that they are expensive to repair and that’s if they can be repaired.

The newer modern version of the Pulsacoil thermal storage unit is the Pulsacoil BP open vented thermal store cylinder. This can be installed in a suitably large enough cupboard anywhere within a property, it requires no safety discharge pipes to be run externally, so it avoids having to be installed near an external wall. They come in various sizes from 120 litres to 220 litres. And long gone are the printed circuit boards, pumps and plate heat exchangers, now you just have the two limescale free heating elements and a blending valve which mixes both the hot water and cold water together to give you ample hot water to last you throughout the day.

Other models, such as the Gledhill  ElectraMate, SystemMate, Gulfstream, Pulsacoil A class are now no longer in production although spare parts are still readily available. Selectric Heating can offer clients many different options in replacing these old boilers.

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