Going Solar? Check Your Roof First!

Going solar can not only reduce your energy bills but it can also reduce your carbon footprint too.  If you are lucky enough to generate more energy than you use, and you sell your excess back to the National Grid, then going solar can also earn you an extra income too.  This is the dream for most people who make the switch to solar but, before you make any firm plans, you need to know if your property and roof are suitable for solar panel installation.

Is Your Roof Right for Solar?

For solar panels to work effectively your roof position and location must be right.  Before you make any plans you need to check this first. The best pitch for a roof is between 30-40 degrees and ideally it should be south facing.   Solar power works from the sun’s light so you’ll also need unobstructed sunlight throughout the day to effectively generate solar power.  If the location of your home sees heavy winds and snowfalls then this could affect the efficiency of solar panels too.

Heavy Burden

Solar panels are extremely heavy and they take up a very large part of your roof.  If your roof is not strong enough, or if it’s seen better days and is in need of repairs then it’s important that this is seen to first. 

If your roof needs expensive repairs or modifications then this could add considerably to your costs make your investment not quite so worthwhile.  Checking that your roof is suitable before you make a commitment to solar heating or electricity can not only save you time but it can save you money too.

If you would like to know whether your roof is suitable for solar panels, or would like advice on a solar installation in London, contact us.

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