How to choose the right air source heat pump installer

Thermaflow air source heat pumps are our latest offering and are proving popular thanks to the many benefits such as reduced fuel bills, lower carbon emissions, straightforward maintenance, easy installation and the potential for income via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

If you are considering having an air source heat pump installed, you should choose carefully when it comes to the installer. Here are some tips:

Heat Pump Capacity

It is vital that the correct size of air source heat pump is selected and this will vary depending in the size and type of property, its location, its energy efficiency rating and whether the heat pump is to be used for general home or water heating, or both. You should check with your potential installer as to how they have made their calculations. A good installer will be able to fully demonstrate how they have worked out the heat demands of your household.

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Always ask plenty of questions of your air source heat pump installer so that you can be sure of their knowledge.

Experience and Recommendations

Check how many years your installer has been trading and ask to see testimonials from previous customers. Make sure these testimonials are recent and do plenty of online research to verify what they tell you.

Questions to Ask

Always ask plenty of questions of your installer so that you can be sure of their knowledge. Ask them for an estimate of your likely annual electricity usage once the installation of the air source heat pump is complete. Also ask how the system will operate and make sure you get plenty of detail. Get them to show you how all the controls work, and provide you with tips on getting the most out of the new system.

At Selectric Heating we have extensive experience in installing air source heat pumps. Got a question? Ask us anything!

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