How to Cut Heating Costs

Homeowner, developer or landlord, you will always be keen to keep heating costs down for whatever reason. One way of doing that is to go for electric central heating and an electric boiler. So how exactly does this save you money?

  1. Energy efficiency – through peak avoidance tariffs certain boilers offer efficiency rates up to 99% plus.
  2. No annual service needed – although it’s an option, due to the reliability of electric boilers, you don’t really need to have them serviced regularly.
  3. No annual safety checks – unlike with gas where you need an annual CP12, there’s no need for any of this with an electric boiler.
  4. Certain boilers negate the need for a booster pump on a power shower, so that’s less outlay and no power costs to run the pump.
Cut heating costs with an electric boiler and central heating system.

Cut heating costs with an electric boiler and central heating system.

OK so we might not have figures to prove it’s cheaper to run than mains gas, but what we’re getting at is that where gas isn’t an option because either there’s no connection or you’re in a restricted area where flues aren’t permitted, or you are worried about safety issues and servicing and maintenance costs and just want to cut them out of your life.

And there are more benefits too. Electric boilers are compact so easy to site, plus they are quiet in operation so if you want to locate it in the bedroom it’s no problem. And of course there’s no issue with carbon monoxide fumes. They’re good to use alongside solar and underfloor heating too.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for electric central heating and electric boiler installation, get in touch.

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