How to Repair Underfloor Heating

Something we’re asked quite a bit when quoting to install underfloor heating is, how do you repair it if it’s embedded under the floor? Well it’s a fair question, so here we’ll answer it for you.

The good news is that underfloor heating, should it go wrong, can be repaired and it’s actually quite a straightforward exercise.

Thermostat Problems

One of the main components that can sometimes malfunction is the thermostat. Most of the time a factory reset sorts the problem out. On occasion we find the thermostat is faulty so we order a new one in and change it: job done.

Issues with the Temperature Sensor

Sometimes it’s the temperature sensor that stops working properly, offering unusual readings. Because this is a fairly common problem, you can get around it by installing a second temperature sensor at the time of fitting. Then it’s an easy job to switch over to the other one if the first one does go wrong.

Cable Glitches

Another issue is one associated with the cable that connects the heating mat to the power supply. Sometimes this can break. If it’s caused by an accident then you’ll know where the issue has occurred. The floor covering can be lifted in that particular area and the cable repaired. If however you don’t know where the break in the cable is then it’s a case of using thermal imaging to locate the fault. Once that’s done then the cable can be repaired and the section of floor replaced.

Broken cables in underfloor heating can be located and repaired in isolation then the small area of flooring relaid.

Broken cables in underfloor heating can be located and repaired in isolation then the small area of flooring relaid.

Always Look for a Lifetime Guarantee

It’s worth noting that the majority of underfloor heating mats are sold with a lifetime guarantee – in fact – don’t buy one that doesn’t have one. That way if there is a manufacturer’s fault then the cost of the repair should be covered.

If you have been thinking about installing electric underfloor heating then make sure you hire a specialist electrician to do it for you. Don’t be put off by concerns over whether it can be fixed if something goes wrong: it can, as long as you call upon the help of a reputable tradesperson. If you’re having problems with your underfloor heating, or would like a quote for installation, we’d be delighted to help so please get in touch.

Sleeping cat on underfloor heating

Once you’ve got your underfloor heating repaired, life can return to normal!

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