In a Nutshell: The Benefits of Electric Central Heating

So going into 2015, you might be thinking of making the switch to electric central heating, or installing it as part of a refurbishment or new development. If you’re looking for a rundown of benefits just to back-up your thinking and help you make that final decision, you’ve found the right blog.

Here we go:

  • Complies in full with the energy efficiency requirements of Building Regulations Part L
  • Is fully controllable, delivering heat on demand just like gas central heating
  • Is easy and inexpensive to install with radiators plugging into standard 13 Amp sockets
  • Electric boilers are energy efficient, quiet running and can be compact in size
  • No need for a flue so electric boilers can be situated anywhere within a property
  • No annual safety checks required by law, unlike with gas
  • Electric heating is a safe alternative to all forms of gas heating
  • Is pretty much maintenance free
  • Can be integrated with solar hot water and underfloor heating where required
  • No bleeding or power flushing of radiators required
In a nutshell ... electric central heating offers numerous benefits.

In a nutshell … electric central heating offers numerous benefits.

Convinced? Or maybe you’d like to know more. Get in touch and we’ll come and see you to talk through the practicalities of electric central heating and work out exactly what you need, and what it would cost.

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