Is an air source heat pump suitable for me?

We’ve recently started fitting Thermaflow Air-tec air source heat pumps and whilst they are suitable for most types of domestic property, it is necessary to ask yourself a number of questions before making the decision to opt for one. These are the questions …

  1. Where will the heat pump be situated?

You will need to have a suitable area outside your home to place the unit. It can be located on the ground or mounted on a wall. There must be ample space around it so that the air flow is maintained.

  1. What type of heating system will be powered by the pump?

You may find that radiator based systems won’t serve you as efficiently with an air based heat pump. It is often better to opt for underfloor heating or warm air heating, due to the lower water temperatures they require.

  1. Is your home sufficiently insulated?

Without proper insulation and draught-proofing you are likely to find that a heating system powered by an air source heat pump does not work as efficiently. The pumps work at their best when producing heat at lower temperatures, so good insulation is a must.

  1. What fuel do you usually use to heat your home?

If you are replacing an electric or solid fuel burning system then you will probably see better savings than if you are moving away from a mains gas system.

is an air source heat pump the right choice for your particular property?

Is an air source heat pump the right choice for your particular property?

Once you have considered these points, which your heating engineer will be happy to discuss with you, you can go ahead and be reassured that you have made an informed decision. If you are considering heating system options for a new development then combining the installation of an air source heat pump with other construction work will provide you with overall cost efficiency.

To find out more about air source heat pumps and their suitability for your particular property, please contact us.

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