Is an air source heat pump suitable for my home?

Back on the subject of air source heat pumps, as they are a highly beneficial way to provide heat for the home, and this time around we are talking about whether they make the right choice on an individual basis.

We will determine whether an air source heat pump is the right option by considering the following:

Type of Heating System

The results you get will depend on the type of heating system the air source heat pump is powering. They tend to work better with warm air heating or underfloor heating systems than radiators, although that is not to say they won’t perform efficiently with radiators.

Location of the Air Source Heat Pump

The ideal place for an air source heat pump is on an outside wall that is exposed to sunlight, or seated on the ground in a similar position. As long as it has ample space around it to allow free flow of air then it will usually prove to be a beneficial choice.

Is an air source heat pump right for my property?

Is an air source heat pump right for my property? There are various questions to ask.

Home Insulation

Air source heat pumps are at their best when producing heat at lower temperatures than conventional boilers. For this reason it is imperative that if you are having an air source heat pump installed, your home is well insulated and free from draughts.

Fuel Replacement

You are going to see far better savings if you are replacing a coal or electric heating system. If you are using mains gas, it may not work as well in your favour.

Installation Costs

If you are including the installation of an air source heat pump with a refurbishment or new build then installation costs will be reduced.

For more information on air source heat pumps and to find out whether it is the right option for you, please get in touch.

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