Islington Electric Boiler Repair and Installation

If you’re not able to have a gas heating system in your home, an electric heating system which runs directly from your mains could be the solution for your heating requirements.

Throughout N1, electric boilers heat homes and provide hot water for thousands of people, many of whom have opted for cleaner heat and light and others who are unable to have gas in their property.

Islington Electric Heating Systems Specialists

Are you considering the benefits of electric heating? Are you based in N1? Electric boiler installation is suitable for many homes. We offer a range of electric boilers Islington homeowners choose for space and environmental reasons including solar energy compatible boilers.

In N1, Thermaflow boilers are used regularly to produce energy using off-peak electricity and solar energy making them the right heating solution for environmentally friendly clients. Thermaflow boilers are significantly cheaper than gas systems too so they can help homeowners save money on energy bills.

If you live in an area where you can’t get gas or oil in N1, Trianco Aztec boilers could be a viable heating and hot water option for you as they don’t need flues or fuel tank supplies. Trianco Aztec boilers are solar-energy compatible and are neat too as they’re wall-mounted.

The Electromax boilers Islington small home owners choose are compact enough to fit inside a domestic airing cupboard. These boilers have a direct hot water system so they’re great for instant filling hot baths and power showers for smaller homes in N1. Electromax boilers are also very reliable and quiet to run.

Complete N1 Electric Heating Services

We have many years’ experience in providing electric heating services including installation, servicing and electric boiler repairs. Islington locals trust our fully-qualified engineers who are happy to advise on the best electric boiler system for their homes.

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