Just had an Electric Boiler Installed? Here’s Where you can get it Covered!

It seems you can get insurance for anything these days. Apparently some athletes have their legs insured which I suppose is fair enough. And I’ve read some stories about celebrities having various body parts insured. Keith Richards has insured his hands for $1.6 million according to Yahoo. And then there’s Tina Turner and her legs, she’s got them covered for $3.2 million according to The Oprah Magazine. And we won’t go into what Dolly Parton’s got insured for $600,000 …

So it seems getting insurance for whatever you fancy is easy, right? Well wrong actually, as we found when we checked out the market for electric boiler insurance. Gas boilers yes. Gas appliances also. Wasp nest removal even. But not for electric boiler breakdowns.

Home emergency insurance

Seems you can get insurance for removing one of these, but not for electric boiler breakdowns. Until now.

So in response to popular demand, we’ve done some research and have put together a policy that DOES cover you for electric boiler breakdowns. Our electric boiler and heating breakdown cover gives you an emergency callout service, repairs including parts and labour, a free telephone fault finding service and an annual boiler service. From just £15.99 per month it offers peace of mind that you won’t be left in the cold should anything happen to your electric boiler.

As long as the boiler is under 7 years of age and you are based in London, we should be able to cover you. So give us a call on 0800 0142775 or get in touch and we’ll get you signed up.

Meantime, if you’re really interested in what celebrities have what body parts got insured, here’s the link.

Electric boiler breakdown cover

Call 0800 0142775 to get yourself covered for electric boiler breakdowns & get an annual service included.

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