Kensington Electric Boiler Installation

If you are unable to have a gas central heating system in your home, or if you’re looking to switch your old boiler to one of the many available electric boilers, Kensington serving Selectric Heating can help.

Running from mains electricity, using heaters which can be plugged in via a standard power socket, electric heating systems are quieter, more efficient and often cheaper than their gas counterparts.

Kensington Electric Heating Systems: Expert Advice

When switching from gas to electric heating and hot water in Kensington, there are a number of electric boilers to suit your needs. We can advise you on the best option for your home based on storage space, how much hot water you need, and whether you want to incorporate solar power into your home energy usage.

For eco-conscious homeowners in Kensington, Thermaflow boilers are environmentally friendly, and offer significant savings on running costs. Able to harvest both off-peak electricity and solar energy, they can also provide you with hot water instantly, at any time of day.

Trianco Aztec boilers are perfect for areas where gas and oil are not available, as they don’t require a flue or fuel tank supply. Able to be wall-mounted and 99.8% efficient, they are also compatible with solar energy.

Electromax boilers can easily fit into domestic airing cupboards, and have a direct hot water system which allows for power showers and fast-filling baths. Reliable and noise-free, the Electromax is an ideal electric boiler installation Kensington homeowners can use to take advantage of various off-peak tariffs, too.

First for Kensington Electric Heating

As a long established London company, Selectric Heating offers a wealth of expertise no matter what you need for your home. Offering quality electric boiler repair Kensington-wide, all our engineers are fully qualified, knowledgeable and won’t spend any longer than necessary on your service: great news for your budget. 

If you’re looking to switch your old heating system or you need your Kensington electric boiler servicing, contact us today for a FREE no obligation written estimate.

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