Kilburn Electric Heating Systems

If your home is not suitable for gas central heating or if you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to gas then NW6 electric boiler installation specialists Selectric Heating can help and are based locally in Kilburn.

Electric boilers run from mains electricity and include heaters that are plugged into a socket and are a favourite with many homeowners throughout NW6. Electric heating is efficient, quiet and in many cases much cheaper to run than gas heating systems.

Local Kilburn Electric Heating Systems Available for all Homes

If you’re planning to change from gas to electric heating, local NW6 electric boiler repair and installation specialist Selectric Heating can help. We offer advice on the best option for your home, based on the storage space you have, how much hot water you use, and whether you want to add solar power to your home.

Are you seeking a more environmentally friendly heating solution for your home in Kilburn? Thermaflow boilers are environmentally friendly, and can dramatically reduce your energy bills in NW6. Thermaflow boilers do this by using both off-peak electricity or solar energy. Hot water is obtained instantly too.

If you live in an area where gas and oil aren’t available in Kilburn, Trianco Aztec boilers could be right for you as they don’t require a gas flue or fuel tank supply in NW6. Trianco Aztec boilers are also compatible with solar energy.

Selectric Heating also has a perfect electric boiler for owners of small homes in Kilburn. Electromax boilers can fit into a domestic airing cupboard making them perfect for smaller homes. They have a direct hot water system, are reliable, noise-free and use off-peak tariffs making Electromax boilers NW6 homeowners’ favourites.

Kilburn Electric Boiler Servicing

If you’d like to switch from gas to electric heating or need an electric boiler servicing, Kilburn based Selectric Heating can help. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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