Landlords’ Responsibilities Just Keep on Growing

If your rental properties are fitted with gas appliances, a gas boiler or gas central heating, there is a raft of legislation you need to adhere to as a landlord.

By law you must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances to ensure they are in a safe condition
  • Arrange an annual safety check on each and every gas appliance and flue
  • Maintain a record of each safety check
  • Ensure a working carbon monoxide detector is present in every room where there is a solid fuel burning appliance
  • Keep tenants informed of their responsibilities for as long as they are resident in your property

And there are plenty more here on the Health & Safety Executive website.

Maintaining compliance can put great pressure on your time, and your bottom line, thus affecting your yield.

compliance on document folder

Imagine not having any of this to worry about: that’s precisely what the situation would be if you switched to electric central heating and an electric boiler.

Electric boilers run on mains electricity. They do not require a flue; they do not produce dangerous carbon monoxide emissions and they do not call for annual safety checks. They offer exceptional energy efficiency and rival gas when it comes to economy of fuel prices.

Interested to find out more? We offer a free consultation and written estimate. To book yours, get in touch.

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