Landlords Tips on Raising Energy Efficiency by 2018

From April 2018 landlords in England and Wales will have a responsibility to make sure their privately rented properties have an energy efficiency rating of E minimum.

From this date it will be unlawful to let properties below band E on a new tenancy and from 2023 the law will apply to existing tenancies. Also from April 2016 tenants will have the right to ask for permission to make energy efficiency related improvements in order to make their living conditions more comfortable, and reduce their heating bills. Landlords will not be able to reasonably refuse these requests.

energieeffizienzEnergy efficiency can be boosted in various ways including by installing double glazing, by insulating a property and by changing to a combination boiler. It may be possible to reduce the cost of some of these measures through certain schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation.

Landlord duties, as we’ve said on numerous occasions, keep on growing. Tenant safety and satisfaction is obviously important for a smooth running rental so it is definitely worth getting your properties in order ahead of the deadlines.

One Idea: Go for an Electric Boiler

If you are looking to improve your energy efficiency rating, why not consider an electric combination boiler? Most models offer 99% plus efficiency, and there are added benefits for landlords including no need for annual safety checks, easy, cost effective installation and flexibility when it comes to positioning thanks to no flues, compact size and low noise.

We work a lot with landlords and more and more are opting for electric boilers and electric heating systems in London due to the many benefits they offer both at installation and ongoing. If you’d like to find out more, or arrange a consultation and quote, please get in touch.

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