Modern Electric Combination Boilers

The Elnur CMX15 electric combination boiler, is a smart boiler which is wall mounted and is slightly larger than your average gas combination boiler. It also weighs in the region of 70kg so the wall that the boiler is fitted to needs to be of solid construction. There is also a larger version CMX18 electric combination boiler and also the new floor standing models should you not have a suitable wall to fit the boiler to. This is an ideal boiler replacement for customers who are now finding it difficult to replace their existing gas boiler due to new regulations regarding flues in void spaces.

This electric combination boiler has a 50 litre hot water storage cylinder built in and although this does not sound like you’ll be getting much hot water, it can be heated up to a temperature of around 80°C we also fit a blending valve which mixes with the cold water, once you turn on a tap or a shower the boiler will fire up again keeping the water at a constant level temperature.

These boilers are ‘range rated’ from 2kw – 15 or 18kw depending on the model of the boiler and are adjusted to the correct output when the boiler is commissioned. Anything above 12kw will require you to have a 3 phase electrical supply in your property, as most domestic properties only have a single phase we will generally set the boiler to 9kw as this requires a 39amp supply from the consumer unit. Depending on your other electrical requirements we may set the boiler slightly higher or lower than 9kw but there are a lot of factors to take into account before final commissioning takes place.

Ideally these electric combination boilers are suitable for 1 – 3 bedroom apartments with one bathroom and maybe an en-suite, we have fitted them in pubs with commercial kitchens as well as your average 3 bedroom house. They are not suitable for economy 7 tariff, but the central heating side of the boiler is suitable for economy 10 tariff providing you use the central heating in the off peak time zones. The boiler has low maintenance costs with long life incaloy 800 stainless steel heating elements fitted, a Grundfos circulating pump, safety valves, printed circuit board and expansion vessels. It is also virtually silent.

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