Oil Versus Electric Boilers: Making the Choice

One of the key choices you will make when investing in a new boiler is the fuel type. Many people automatically opt for gas, but there are other options, including electric and oil.

Here we are looking at the pros and cons associated with electric and oil fuelled boilers.

Oil Boilers

Oil fuelled boilers are capable of heating up large volumes of water and some of the models can be considered environmentally friendly as you can if you wish use recycled or bio-diesel oil.

The heating is even and you will still get hot water if there is a power outage. Some models can be installed outdoors, which means they offer indoor space saving advantages.

But what of the disadvantages? Well there are a few. One is that they can be a challenge to maintain. Another is that you have to have a chimney to allow the escape of exhaust gases. This means that installing an oil boiler can often be quite tricky.

Oil boilers are not cheap either, and you will also need a separate tank to store heated water.

Small house under winter hat

Which is the best boiler to keep your home warm this winter?

Electric Boilers

There is wide choice on offer when it comes to electric boilers and the fact they don’t need a flue or chimney means they can be situated pretty much anywhere. Installation is straightforward as a result.

Generally, electric boilers are considered cleaner as there is less condensation, and fewer contaminants. The fact that they do not emit dangerous fumes means there is no need for annual safety checks or carbon monoxide detectors. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance.

Electric boilers tend to be smaller than oil boilers and therefore offer space saving benefits.

On the other side, you do have to consider that electricity comes from the burning of non-renewable energy sources. Plus there’s the fact that if your power goes down, then so does your hot water.

There is plenty to weigh up. If you are erring on the side of electric boilers, we can give you a free written quote. Get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions.

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