Reminder: Is your electric boiler covered?

Winter is on its way. Sorry about that. But the thing is, it’s only a matter of a few short weeks and we’ll be putting the heating back on.

So let this blog serve as a reminder to make sure your heating and hot water system is functioning properly. Whilst you still have the chance – before it becomes a necessity – is the time to be making sure it’s all working well.

A Spot of Maintenance

The great thing about electric boilers is that they have virtually no moving parts which means there’s little that can wrong. However, there are still pumps, motorised valves, thermostats, programmers and immersion elements as well as printed circuit boards, all of which could possibly offer up the chance of needing servicing or a spot of maintenance.

Rather than deal with issues as they arise in an emergency, isn’t it best to have an annual check via a yearly service to make sure everything is in working order?

Electric Boiler Breakdown Cover

Selectric Heating electric boiler breakdown cover includes an emergency breakdown callout service, an annual electric boiler service, repairs including parts & labour and a free telephone fault finding service. Same day response is offered and any electric boiler make or model under 7 years of age is covered. The service is for electric boilers in London only.

Electric boiler breakdown cover

Call 0800 0142775 to get yourself covered for electric boiler breakdowns & get an annual service included.

The annual service will give you the peace of mind that your boiler is working safely and efficiently. There’s also further peace of mind in the shape of a replacement boiler up to the value of £1,000 should a repair not be possible. Premiums start from £15.99 per month.

As with any cover, exclusions do apply so please check the full details of the policy which you can read here

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