The Benefits of Thermaflow Electric Boilers

One of the main benefits of a Thermaflow electric boiler is that they have a 25 year guarantee on the body of the boiler, so you are guaranteed a good lifetime expectancy. They provide electric heating and hot water from the same unit and are very efficient at 99%.

Thermaflow electric boilers will heat your home and your electric hot water very quickly – radiators can be reach 75 degrees in just 3 minutes, hot water of 50 degrees in your taps can take just 20 seconds and a 100 litre bath at 50 degrees will take 5 minutes.

A Thermaflow boiler can be used in conjunction with an off-peak controller which can result in sizeable savings. These models can also be combined with solar heating, cutting fuel bills even more and even earning you money.

As well as being highly efficient, this electric boiler is very quiet which makes it ideal for flats or smaller properties – and people who don’t like noise! This video shows lots more benefits.

Thermaflow is just one of the electric boiler brands we install. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll recommend which is best for you.

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