The Best Way to Hot Water for your Home

There are lots of ways to get your hot water but usually it comes done to a main supply that’s heated through whatever central heating system you have. So it’s either stored in a tank or available on demand if you have a combi boiler, whether it’s gas or electric.

You’ll generally find that up to date combi boilers are more energy efficient than a water heating system that works with a tank, like storage heaters for example.

Hot Water Options

Other than a gas or electric combi boiler, you can get your hot water from a solar hot water system, an immersion heater, an electric storage heater, directly through a mains electric shower or through instant water heaters. There’s also the option nowadays to get an instant hot water tap installed that delivers water hot enough to make your tea or coffee.

Hot Water Heating

There are lots of ways to get hot water to your taps.

Comparing Energy Efficiency

If you’re thinking about comparing energy usage for all these different options, it’s not all that straightforward as it can be hard to measure and not all that easy to separate the energy used for heating water and heating the home. Generally though they say that the cost of heating water in a standard home will usually be more than 10 per cent of the energy bill, or a quarter of the fuel consumed by the boiler. That might seem high but you have to consider that hot water is needed all year round but you only use your heating when it’s cold.

We favour electric combi boilers for heating water. They’re 99% energy efficient, cost effective to run and maintain and you get hot water at your taps within 5-10 seconds. They can also be set up to run alongside solar hot water systems so you can mix and match for maximum cost efficiency.

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