The Disadvantages of Gas Heating (and Why Electric Could be THE Answer)

Many people choose to have gas central heating and gas boilers, thinking it’s more cost effective to run, or just for convenience or sticking with what you know. But there are some definite drawbacks to consider when it comes to using gas over an electric boiler:

  • Gas boilers are not as easy or as cheap to install as an electric boiler.
  • Electric boilers require less servicing than a gas boiler and they are much more reliable.
  • The life expectancy of an electric boiler tends to be higher than a gas one.
  • There is a higher risk to health and safety with a gas boiler and they need more attention from a safety point of view with regular checks and servicing.
  • Gas boilers require a flue which can be complicated and expensive to install if you do not have one already in place. This is why an electric boiler is the perfect choice for new build houses or properties that require renovation.
  • Gas is not nearly as efficient as electric heating. Every unit of electricity that you pay for will be spent on heating your home and hot water.
  • Gas boilers are less environmentally friendly as they burn fossil fuel.
  • Not all properties can receive gas. This is especially the case in rural areas where gas as well as oil are not available. In this instance an electric boiler is the perfect choice.
Electric boiler or gas boiler

What’s best, electric or gas heating and boilers? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through your best option.

Electric boilers are still a relatively new option in the grand scheme of things (although we’ve been installing them for quite a few years now), but with benefits to safety, the environment, efficiency, lifetime cost and installation, there is more reason than ever to consider electric over gas. If you’d like to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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