The Great Energy Efficiency Bake-Off – Part 2

In part 1 of the great energy efficiency bake-off, we pitted gas central heating and electric central heating against each other.

In stage 1 we looked at speed and efficiency, with electric coming out on top for the rate at which it got a room to the required temperature, without losing any heat into the walls as it arrived. In stage 2, gas and electric were up against each other in the control stakes. Again, electric came out on top for its precision control and ability to heat rooms on an individual basis.

This time around, it’s gas versus electric for installation and ongoing maintenance costs. Which will rise to the top in this category?

Stage 3: Ongoing Costs

Over in the gas corner, there are numerous pipes and flues as well as the boiler to install and maintain. An annual service is required, and safety checks are a legal necessity for landlords. Because gas boilers contain numerous moving parts, the potential for things to go wrong is heightened. Radiators will periodically need flushing, as they are prone to clog with sludge due to the water flowing through the system.

All of this adds to the long term costs of a gas central heating system. So that’s a point deducted for gas.

In the electric corner, installation has been straightforward. Wiring the boiler into the mains, then plugging the radiators into sockets was all that was required. There is no flue and no pipework to maintain, and no requirement for an annual service or any safety checks. A big point scoring round for electric.

The whole bake-off contest seems to have gone electric’s way from start to finish!

The whole bake-off contest seems to have gone electric’s way from start to finish!

In fact, the whole bake-off contest has gone electric’s way from start to finish. So are you convinced? If so, get in touch for a quote to fit an electric central heating system. You’re onto a winner here, and you’ll never look back!

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