The New Elnur Mattira MAC15 Electric Wall Mounted Combination Boiler

The new Elnur Mattira MAC15 Electric wall mounted combination boiler, is the replacement model for the older Elnur CMX15 model boiler which has now been discontinued.

Visually on the outside the Mattira MAC15 is virtually the same as the CMX15 model, although there are some slight differences but this affects the installer rather than the end user. All pipe work connections on the new boiler are now 22mm, previously the hot and cold water connections were 15mm. And the old 15mm mixing valve has been replaced with a 22mm mixing valve, with a lockable cap to prevent tampering.

On the inside of the electric combination boiler, casing the layout is again virtually the same as its predecessor, but they have brought the main wiring connection to the front of the hot water vessel, which makes it easier for wiring up. The removal ‘link’ for the volt free programmer / room thermostat is now on the PCB behind the lower front cover. Elnur have also removed the need to adjust upside down dip switches which had to be altered to range rate and commission the CMX15 model. To commission the boiler now you just use the simple to follow instructions whilst depressing buttons on the front facia panel, it took us a couple of attempts to commission the first boiler, but once we got our heads around it, it was easy and straightforward.

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