Thermaflow Electric Combination Boiler on Sale Now!

The Thermaflow Electric Combination Boiler is a safe, responsive and economical electric boiler offering a wide range of benefits. And the great news is, it’s now available for sale from our online shop!

Choose from a variety of inputs and capacities, from 9 Kw to 12 Kw and 210 to 650 litres. Not sure which to go for? Contact us for advice!

If you want hot water on demand, fast heating radiators and high efficiency, this is the electric boiler for you. And of course you’ve got all the benefits of electric over gas.

Thermaflow Electric Combination Boiler

The Thermaflow Electric Combination Boiler is now offered for sale via our secure online shop.

Here are the key benefits and features of this brand leading electric boiler: 

  • Low running costs through peak avoidance tariffs
  • High efficiency rate of 99% plus
  • Safe – no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas escape
  • Responsive – radiators reach maximum temperature within 3 minutes
  • Hot water at taps within 5-10 seconds
  • Radiators reach maximum temperature within 3 minutes
  • Minimum installation time involved
  • No flues, storage tanks, or separate hot water storage required
  • Sealed heating system. Radiators can be positioned above the boiler without the need for additional header tanks
  • Eliminates the need for a booster pump on power showers
  • BEAB Approved
  • WRAS Approved
  • WRc-NSF Ltd Building Regulations Approved
  • CE Approved

To buy now visit our online electric boiler shop. For advice on electric boiler installation in London, get in touch.

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