Thermaflow Off Peak Time Controller

We’re big fans of the Thermaflow Electric Combination Boiler – we make no secret of that – and we’re also backing the off peak time controller because it really maximises the benefits.

If you’ve got a Thermaflow electric boiler or are considering having one installed, then get one of these controllers. Why? Because it allows you to really take advantage of the reduced rate electricity available on a wet electric off peak tariff. It can be used with any Thermaflow electric boiler and puts power in your hands to really make use of those off peak rates.

Thermaflow Controller Spaced

The Thermaflow Off Peak Controller could save you money

If you opt for the largest store for your boiler you can achieve maximum reductions in fuel costs – and you can do this by using the off peak controller. Basically it lets you store the most possible energy at reduced rate periods, thus reducing the amount of power consumed in full rate periods for heating and hot water.

For instructions on how to set the controller for winter and what the reduced rate hours are, check out the Thermaflow Off Peak and Central Heating Control Setting Guide.

You can buy a Thermaflow Off Peak Controller from the Selectric online shop by clicking here.

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