Three Groups of People Loving Thermaflow Electric Boilers

According to electric boiler manufacturers Thermaflow, there are three main groups who can draw significant benefits from their electric boilers and central heating. These are:

Housing Developers

Thermaflow say their electric combi boilers are easier to install than most other boilers, whether those are electric or gas. The reason being, there’s no need for Gas Safe registered certification as there’s no gas input or flue. For developers this is also a major benefit where flues pose problems in built up areas or where they will limit the design of a building. There’s no need for an annual landlord gas safety check which means money saved.


Thermaflow electric boilers deliver mains pressure hot water more rapidly than their gas combi counterparts. They are 100% energy efficient (unlike gas) and they can lower carbon footprint when combined with solar, not to mention providing free heating and hot water.

Social Housing Providers & Landlords

In circumstances where gas just isn’t possible, Thermaflow electric boilers are said to be one of the most cost effective on the market. Maintenance and running costs are reduced; gas safety certificates are not required, neither are flue inspections. And costs can be taken down even further when combined with solar. Thermaflow electric boilers are also cleaner and more efficient than electric storage heaters, oil and LPG.

Thermaflow offer ecological, money saving heating and hot water solutions across the board. You can buy Thermaflow electric combination boilers direct from Selectric Heating.

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