Trianco Aztec Electric Boilers: Plenty of Benefits

Trianco Aztec electric boilers are wall-mounted and compact so they are perfect for heating smaller properties and areas such as caravans and conservatories. And there are plenty more benefits besides.

The Aztec regular boiler is controlled by a solid state management system which means the boiler automatically runs its own safety, self-diagnostic checking functions whilst running at optimum efficiency – an impressive 99.8%!

There are five outputs with this form of electric heating ranging from 2kW to 12kW. The elements are replaceable and it is virtually maintenance free, making it attractive for many of our customers, especially landlords who don’t want the hassle of having to arrange regular servicing and maintenance checks for tenants’ boilers.


Trianco Aztec electric boilers do not require a flue or a fuel supply tank so they offer great flexibility and can be installed anywhere. They are also compatible with solar power as well as under-floor heating. Plus they come in nice compact sizes, so they’re perfect for bijou properties.

Finally, the Trianco Aztec range comes with a comprehensive two year guarantee, making it a very attractive option for many of our customers.

Trianco Aztec is just one of the range of many electric boilers we install. Get in touch to discuss your options and we’ll be happy to talk through which brand might be best suited for you.

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