Unusual Uses for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is really popular now. We do a lot of it in new builds and extensions or conservatories and also refurbishments. Also in some business premises.

It’s a really healthy way to heat a property and people love it as they don’t need to have unsightly radiators hanging around.

What’s inspired me to write this post though is that I’ve been reading about some of the more unusual ways underfloor heating is being put to good use, so I thought I’d share them with you! 

One company in West Sussex installed it a few years ago to keep the meerkats warm at Whipsnade Zoo, and they also fitted a system to heat Cheetah Rock there too. I guess it gives the big cats the feeling of being in a warm country with the rocks kept nice and warm all the time.

Underfloor heating for zoos

Meerkats: Nice and cosy thanks to underfloor heating!

The same company I think got involved in an underfloor heating installation to keep the Capybara and Tapir warm in the winter at Dartmoor Zoological Park. Good on them, no doubt these animals miss the warmth of their far flung native homes!

Whilst I wouldn’t really class it as ‘unusual’, quite a few schools are using underfloor heating now too, especially the eco-project ones, as it’s a really good cost saving way to heat a property. It’s really good in churches too, you know how cold they can get in the winter and also how they’re always up against it with budgets and funding.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote on installing underfloor heating – in anything you like – get in touch. The most unusual ones will get featured right here on this blog!

Underfloor heating for churches

This beautiful Gothic church in Malaga, Spain could probably benefit from some underfloor heating.

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